Progressive Media Concepts is a full-service social media management company based out of Westchester County, NY. By way of numerous social media outlets, PMC employs tools that are necessary to expand its clients’ web presence, brand awareness, and community outreach in an efficient manner.

Progressive Media Concepts is owned by two entrepreneurs, who have a proficient understanding of social media. PMC works with small to medium-sized businesses to create and maintain numerous social media sites. Our company offers a variety of site management services, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Flickr, MySpace, and YouTube – and many others.

PMC’s main objectives are to collaborate with all clients, develop an in-depth perception of their industry and target market, and use that information to enhance their Internet presence. Through the implementation of social media sites, PMC will be able to expand their clients’ existing consumer base and build lasting relationships with new users. Clients can expect to see an improvement in brand awareness, a larger consumer following, enhanced SEO, and an increase in website traffic by using PMC’s services. PMC takes on the responsibility of managing targeted social media campaigns by providing a personal focus on your company.

Get a feel for PMC’s writing style, as we are constantly blogging about social media platforms, tricks, and trends!