The Beauty of Blogging

27 Dec

The Beauty of BloggingWhile creating and building Progressive Media Concepts’ blog sites, our team came across the differences, unique functions, and importance of WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. First off, each blog offers a variety of themes that are designed for use on their specific site. As a blogger, you have the option to choose from an array of free templates, or pay a one-time fee for a theme that is not as widely used in Blogland. The themes provided by WordPress and Tumblr are formatted in such a way that there is little room for layout customization. Blogger has a smaller selection of themes, but allows its users to rearrange and add page elements. You are capable of placing gadgets anywhere you want with Blogger, which helps to de-clutter the page and give it a more symmetrical look.

In terms of the overall feel these blogs give off, each can be used for different purposes and audiences. While keeping PMC in mind, we tried to apply templates that looked professional but still allowed us to incorporate widgets and gadgets that showed a little personality. For the most part, our sidebars are stacked with links that will help drive traffic to all of our social media sites. You can follow us on Twitter, become our fan on Facebook, and even be redirected to our other blogs. Thus, WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger have become our social media networking hubs, as we intend to use them to drive traffic to a variety of sites. Blogs are critical outlets for companies to build relationships with consumers, promote and grow their brand, and most importantly, increase SEO.

A diverse approach needs to be taken when creating and maintaining each of the blog sites. WordPress, for example, is more time-consuming when working in the backend to add photos, links, and manage pages. We have found that working with HTML coding in WordPress plays a large role in making the blog appealing and easy to navigate. Conversely, Tumblr’s backend makes it easy to upload video, photo, chat and audio content, as is has separate functions for each. Blogger takes the cake as the most simplistic blog site available, and would be beneficial for those who do not have much blogging experience. Nonetheless, WordPress is PMC’s preferred blog. Although the most complex, the popularity and hosting environment of WordPress has helped us to reach a larger audience.

If your business venture is looking to start implementing WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger as marketing tactics, contact Progressive Media Concepts about package prices and promos. We would be happy to take the work off your hands and use our expertise to enhance your brand awareness via blogging!

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