4 YouTube Sensations That Did It Right

12 Jan

It’s hard to imagine that the wildly popular video sharing website YouTube.com only recently celebrated its fifth birthday. YouTube has transformed from an intriguing novelty to an entertainment and marketing powerhouse, boasting around 2 billion views per day and about 24 hours of video content uploaded every minute… that’s right… every minute. Businesses, corporations, and celebrities alike collect and maintain much attention from YouTube’s vast and varied ranks of users, making it a Mecca for anyone attempting to gain some sort of attention. Having attempted starting and maintaining a YouTube channel with dreams of turning it into something popular and entertaining, I am living proof that not every YouTube dream is realized. In my opinion, there are truly four YouTube superstars that did things right, and have attained viral start-status by way of their creativity and ingenuity.

#4 – iJustine
The YouTube diva herself, Justine Ezarik, has made a name for herself because of her vibrant and outgoing personality. As you can see from the video, she clearly doesn’t shy away from being goofy, dorky, and crazy in an albeit adorable way. The key to her success is that she never broke away from being herself. You can feel her personality when you’re watching her videos and vlogs (video blogs), and you can be 99.9% sure that that is how she acts in real life. She has done a variety of videos from vlogs to how-tos and spoofs. Actress, guru, goofball – Justine puts on a show. (Just a side note – it doesn’t hurt that she is gorgeous… just saying)

#3 – MysteryGuitarMan
Joe Penna (aka MysteryGuitarMan) is a musical giant in the YouTube universe. He creates videos twice a week that involve him playing some form (or sometimes multiple forms) of musical instruments. Sound too simple? The niche here is that he uses advanced video editing (and lots of creativity) to make his videos more than just him playing a guitar. This truly unique video production concept was a new fad to YouTube, launching MGM to the success he enjoys now. Check out the video above to see an example of his video production style.

#2 – ShaneDawsonTV
Shane Dawson is the king of the YouTube skit. Goofy videos, hilarious spoofs – doesn’t get much better. With two channels in the top ten Most Subscribed (the other being his second channel, ShaneDawsonTV2), he’s clearly made his mark with his goofy antics.

#1 – RayWilliamJohnson
My personal favorite, Ray William Johnson is the epitome of the YouTube strategy for success. He has two channels, one of which is his main show called “Equals 3” or (=3), the other is his video blogging channel called “Breaking NYC.” Both shows have been extremely popular for a long time, as Equals 3 sits at the #2 Most Subscribed spot on YouTube. The key to his show is that it is a mix of television’s Tosh.0 and an interactive experience. He reviews and comments on (in a funnier way than it sounds) viral videos, and at the end of every video (posted twice a week) he asks a question that was posted by a viewer. At the end of the next video, a few user responses from the previous question are shown, creating the desire for users to keep watching in hopes of having their response picked and shown in the next video (mine was never chosen, unfortunately). His sense of humor and personality make him a unique icon in the YouTube community.

What does it take to become a YouTube star? Take notes from these 4 idols and see if you can’t pull it off yourself.

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