Professional Social Networking Made Easy. Thanks LinkedIn.

14 Jan

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management If you haven’t already signed up for a account, it’s about time to jump on the band-wagon. Not only are users keeping up to date with friends and colleagues, they are open to a vast network of job opportunities, as well as the ability to contact individuals who may not be readily available to the general public.

LinkedIn shifts away from the globally understood concept of what social media networks are; i.e. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and puts more emphasis on networking on a business-professional level. Now keep in mind, LinkedIn is not solely for personal use. Company profiles give LinkedIn users the ability to connect with not just employees of a given business, but with the business itself (granted the company page is usually run by 1 or 2 employees). Nevertheless, sharing your network with businesses and companies that interest you and are in the same industry as yourself, the abundance of informative content supplied never gets old.

LinkedIn is a job recruiter’s utopia. Don’t be surprised to have several recruiters wish to be added to your network. Their sole job is to expand their network mass, and they can be a very useful asset in looking for the last career you will ever search for.

Every social network has one flaw; credibility of its users. Unless asked to enter a social security number along with other highly personal information, social networks will never be able to verify user information supplied. So how can you tell if John Smith on LinkedIn really has a PhD in Physics from MIT? You can’t. But then again, if your intent is to falsify information from the get-go, you’re not a nice person, you take credibility away from the honest folks, and shouldn’t use these sites period.

Now for those of you reading who are business professionals, the tools and resources available on LinkedIn make it, in our opinion, a much more efficient tool then any other social media site for reaching out to potential investors, clients or even employers.

In Laymens terms, Linkedin is the Facebook for corporate America. Whether you are in the market for a new career opportunity or just simply expanding your network, why not get “LinkedIn” with industry professionals?

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