Driving Sales vs. Building Brand Loyalty Through Social Media

17 Jan

What does your company use social media outlets for? Are you trying to obtain a larger fan base than your competitors in the social sphere, jumping on the band-wagon to keep up, or simply trying to increase your sales? If any of these options are your company’s driving factor to having a social media presence, you are going to have to reevaluate your goals. At the end of the day, we all know the main objective is to produce more money for your business. However, social media should be used in a way that will engage your consumers to a point where they will become loyal to your brand. Brand loyalty is more valuable than any one-time sale you made through a tweet or a promotional blog post.

How could a Facebook page produce this thing called brand loyalty? It all comes down to the content you create for your social media sites. By constantly posting discount information, links to your company sites, or blogs about your product, you are overlooking the most important substance: engagement.

Your fans may “like” a post about your new and improved cell phone or retweet information about your zero calorie soda, but this is not going to keep them coming back to your page. What will keep driving them to your sites will be creative content that pertains to the consumer’s way of life rather than your company news. Integrating contests, lifestyle blog posts, interesting articles (that don’t necessarily involve your product), and fun promotional events will enhance the buzz around your company or product. Your 10% discount won’t be as effective.

Ask for consumer feedback, ideas and opinions to keep them engaged and make them feel as if they have a say in your brand. Not only is it beneficial for improving your next product, but it screams, “WE CARE WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY!” Thus making consumers feel appreciated instead of feeling spammed, and creating a loyalty to your brand.

As a marketing major, the idea of showing care for consumers has been pounded into my head for years. I have seen endless examples of companies who do it correctly, a great one being Harley Davidson. Point being, brand loyalty is not hard to obtain after creating a fun, innovative environment for consumers and allowing them to get more involved with your products.

Want some statistics on consumer engagement? Check out Socialnomic’s newest post and enjoy!

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