The Interactivity of Social Media Marketing

19 Jan

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management In a world where Internet is king, questions continue to arise regarding the advantages of using social media as a marketing tool. The view of many is that social media remains a novel idea, with little potential to reach a substantial consumer audience. The overwhelming truth is, however, that social media’s application as a marketing tool for small and large businesses alike is growing nearly exponentially. Companies continue to adopt social media as one of their main marketing tools, and are seeing some incredible results. The advantage of social media in this case is, its innate interactivity.

When someone sees an advertisement on television, their first feeling may tend to be a dismissive one. An advertisement’s purpose is to sell a product or service, and therefore will always put a positive spin on that product or service. Consumers are often aware of this fact, and adjust their opinions towards what is being sold, however conscious or unconscious this effect may be. The plus to social media as a marketing tool is that it is completely interactive and engaging. On Twitter, followers have the ability to respond to a company’s posted updates and voice their opinions and thoughts. This allows a company’s potential consumers to interface with them directly (or indirectly, if a company has outsourced to a social media management firm), allowing for a more personal feeling experience. Consumers feel as though they are dealing with a company with actual human employees, as opposed to feeling isolated and cut off from them. Blogs are also an important interactive tool because, when put out regularly (i.e. weekly or bi-weekly), it gives its users something to look forward to while keeping them engaged in the content that a particular company is putting out.

YouTube adds another dimension to this B2C experience. By way of YouTube videos, consumers become engaged with the company on a level that is more than just a sales pitch. These videos, however simplistic they may be, provide the company with a human side – a personality. Consumers are much more likely to purchase goods or services from a personable company, rather than a company that merely promotes themselves. Consumers and clients tend to feel more comfortable when they are involved with a company on this personal level. When they feel that they are receiving attention from a company that goes beyond product or service sales, there is a much higher chances that they will remain loyal to that company or brand.


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