Brand Research… What Are Your Customers Saying About Your Company?

24 Jan

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management If you have been reading Progressive Media Concept’s previous blog posts, you know how often we stress the importance of engaging your consumers. Sometimes consumers get involved with your product or service and have positive things to write about, which is a great feeling for any businessperson. Social media sites allow your customers to post freely about what they think of your product offerings, customer service, and value. Therefore, it is important for marketing departments to conduct brand research to see what people are saying.

All forms of feedback can be found through your own company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. To conduct further brand research, it is a good idea to Google your company, products, or services. There you will find endless amounts of reviews, mentions, and even blog posts containing detailed consumer opinions.

Positive feedback through social media sites should always be responded to in an appreciative, professional manner. Use these comments to understand how people are using your product and what attributes are successful. Simple consumer Facebook posts, tweets, or blog comments are often overlooked as the easiest form of consumer research, yet they could be extremely beneficial when the time comes to launch a new product or service.

The more important aspect of brand research though, in my opinion, is the negative feedback produced by consumers. Downbeat conversations and brand mentions could be harmful to your company’s image, so how should you resolve consumer issues that have now been made public on the Internet?

Monitor negative posts about your brand, respond to those that are not destructive spam, and do not publish those that have been posted as derogatory comments. It’s easy to be offended or irritated by this sort of feedback, but instead of taking it personally, use it to your advantage. Maybe your consumer has a right to be pissed off. Now you have to figure out a way to relieve their tensions associated with your product. Maybe you can upgrade or enhance a certain product feature, offer better customer service, or even figure out a way to surpass your competitors. Not all negative feedback is necessarily harmful for your business, but can actually help your future goals.

If you do conduct some brand research and find negative comments, you can read more about response tactics here.

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