Twitgift: Twitter Creativity At Its Finest

9 Feb

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management As the popularity of social media boomed in 2010 and into 2011, we saw a change in the creative and unique ways that people use it. From the Black Eyed Peas’ tweeting during the Super Bowl (see our article) to Mercedes-Benz’s innovative “MB Tweet Race,” Twitter has changed the way that both companies and personalities promote themselves. Such a simple novelty has truly transformed into a legitimate marketing and networking tool. You can expect to see further evolution and expansion of the Twitter world in 2011, which is where Twitgift comes in.

Twitgift is a truly creative way to send physical gifts to your friends or family (or even a complete stranger) through Twitter. The genius of Twitgift is that you do not need to know the recipient’s mailing address. The Twitgift process is simple, select the gift that you want to send, input the recipient’s Twitter username, pay for the gift and shipping, and you’re done! Twitgift then sends your recipient a notification via Twitter, simply asking them to confirm the order and enter their address in order to receive it. Twitgift will then send over your gift to your recipient in an adorably adorned package. In terms of security, the process is guaranteed. When you place your order, your credit card is placed on hold until the recipient claims the order. If the order is not claimed within a week, the order is cancelled and your card is not charged. Twitgift is the perfect way to show your appreciation, say thank you, or even say you’re sorry to anyone you are connected to on Twitter.

Twitgift is a product of the minds behind the LaC Project, based out of New York City’s East Village. The LaC Project is a remarkably creative web agency, founded by former public accountant turned web-entrepreneur A.J. Leon in October 2009. Though Twitgift’s inventory currently boasts a minimal selection of gifts (cookies, a “Tweet” necklace, and android cell-phone cases), it is the idea that is the valuable entity here. You might remember Facebook’s feeble attempts at gift sending, where one would send a virtual puppy to their girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, or something to that effect. The concept was on the right track, but never really reached the station. The spark behind Twitgift is that the gift you send is tangible, however simplistic it may be.

We expect to see more creative uses of Twitter’s nearly limitless potential in the coming year. I can only assume that Twitgift will expand its offerings in 2011 as well and, if it does so, expect to see its 608 Twitter followers to grow drastically.


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