Twitter and The Future of Social Media

18 Feb

Ever wonder how far technology will advance in your lifetime? Let’s be honest, your parents did not think a car that could park itself would ever exist, or a TV would offer 3-D capabilities. Your grandparents did not foresee cell phones, personal computer or something we rely on daily; the World Wide Web. Being a part of Generation Y, growing up with and seeing the innovation and evolution of technology over the past 2 decades gives our generation an innate understanding of where it will go next. Social media, being the biggest powerhouse that has captivated the world’s interest, is evolving from simple personal networking sites to a huge marketing and advertising industry.

But what could possibly be next for social media?

Mercedes Benz, the king of high-end luxury automobiles, has created the first “social media driven” car. Now, if you are curious about what in God’s name I am referring to, take a few minutes and watch these intriguing and jaw dropping videos:

OK, so that concept is pretty darn innovative if you take into perspective the grand scheme of what social media has been used for so far. Naturally, at first sight, the immediate reaction to say, “It is fake,” comes to mind. To ease your mind and steer you away from this train of thought, watch this:

So they took a minivan, and made it autonomous using an iPhone. Yes, the reaction times aren’t perfect, but remember this car is driven via cell phone and Wi-Fi. The on-board computer is using commands prompted by the iPhone app, processing code into actions via mechanical devices, such as applying the break, or turning the wheel. Mercedes Benz has raised the bar:

Point being, it may seem unnecessary since cars already have push start abilities, keyless entry, etc. So what about social? What if making a cup of coffee was as easy as “#brewcup.” The couch potato could dim the lights while watching a movie with one simple command;, “#dimlightslivingroom.” What if you could pre-heat the oven while getting your manicure? Or what if this is a step towards a fully functioning autonomous car, like those in the sci-fi movie I Robot. The possibilities can be endless. This creation may open up the doorway for a countless number of ideas to integrate social media further into the social media addiction that has swept the world.

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