The Top 3 Products That Integrated Social Media

21 Feb

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management Social media seems to be taking over the world, one day at a time. Every few months, existing products are redesigned with new and improved features. Recently, there has been a growing trend of incorporating social media networks as the enhanced feature of a certain product. Today we will look into the top 3 product industries that have used social media to create another selling point for their products.

#3: Video Game Systems

PlayStation 3 has done a fabulous job when it comes to incorporating social networks into its software. In semi-recent blog posts, PlayStation has announced that developers will be able to create games that have Facebook interaction capabilities. Gamers would then be able to access all of their Facebook information, including profiles, friends, and photos.

Sports Champions, the default PS3 Move game, enables its players to upload photos of themselves directly from the game console to their Facebook page after having defeated the computer in a sporting event. I have witnessed some terrifying remarkable photos of my co-workers holding digital swords in their hands on my TV screen, which had the option to be published to Facebook. PS3 has made winning a game more entertaining by incorporating social media into their games.

#2: Airlines

A few weeks ago, USA Today reported that seven major US Airlines would be offering free access to Facebook during flights. The offer lasts for one month, and it is being used in hopes to drive passengers to purchase other extra services. The promotion by Gogo Inflight Internet can be found on the following airlines: US Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Alaska Air, AirTran, Delta, United Airlines, and American Airlines.

Although Wi-Fi has been promoted for years during flights, the Facebook promo is being used to relieve people’s unrest about the quality of Internet service in the air. People will be inclined to use Facebook in-flight, especially if it’s free, which will hopefully change their perception of airline Wi-Fi.

Endnote: I am secretly wishing for the Gogo promotion to be extremely successful so that Facebook will be free on flights forever. I would much rather have the passenger next to me see my Facebook profile than see me cry during the car crash scene in The Blind Side.

#1: Cars

If you were paying attention to this year’s Super Bowl commercials, you would have seen the ad for Chevrolet’s Cruze. The commercial does not inform you about the miles per gallon or even the safety benefits of the car, but rather focuses on the new Facebook status feature. While you are driving, you now have the option to listen to your Facebook newsfeed over the speaker system.

There have been many complaints as to how this would be distracting people from driving, but I believe that it is doing just the opposite. Now people don’t have to look down at their phones to read their minifeeds while operating heavy machinery. Instead, they have the ability to listen to what people are writing about, enabling them to keep their eyes on the road. Listening to a Facebook feed is just as likely to cause an accident as listening to music would be, right? Unless your newsfeed has just informed you that your boyfriend has kicked you to the curb…

What Chevy has done, is realized the Facebook dependency of the US population, and acted on it. They used the Facebook feature in the ad to keep the car engrained it people’s minds (have you ever heard of this before?) which most likely helped drive traffic to their website. So Chevy, no matter who is criticizing your new car feature and TV campaign, just know that soon many more cars companies will be offering Facebook. You might have to add a WordPress feature next to stay ahead of competition.

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