Creative Social Media Contests That Generate Viral Buzz

25 Feb

Creating a way to stir up buzz about your company and/or product these days seems to be a relatively easy task. Whether it’s to start controversy during major sporting events, like a Sleepy’s mattress commercial did, or to create consumer interaction to make one of the funniest Doritos commercials of the year, each and every idea is different. So what have companies been doing to increase their viral presence within their consumer base?

Skittles, for starters, has long since surpassed expectations on a well thought out viral campaign. MOB The Rainbow, their social media campaign, has engaged millions of Skittles fans worldwide. This campaign alone nearly quadrupled their Facebook fan base to over 15 million people. These campaigns are primarily a collaboration of all Skittles fans to achieve a common goal. The video below is an actual MOB event that created some serious viral buzz for the Skittles’ brand back in early 2010.

In today’s society, people tend to become bored with reading and writing online and would rather be entertained through video or photo content. The more engaged a consumer is to a product or brand, the more likely a company will retain a loyal consumer base. YouTube has become a primary site that companies use to entice consumers to interact and engage in promotional contests. Doritos ran a YouTube campaign asking their consumers to create a commercial to promote their products. The winner of this contest would have his/her video featured during the Super Bowl, one of the most watched sporting events in the world. The winning video was a hit, and the campaign was extremely successful.

Mercedes-Benz has also jumped on the viral marketing band-wagon. As a Super Bowl campaign, they created a “Tweet Race” to Dallas, TX. Participants had to send in video content on why they should be chosen to race Mercedes-Benz automobiles that would be equipped with some serious hardware to monitor and record the race. The winners of the race were awarded a grand prize, each receiving a brand new 2012 C-class Mercedes-Benz car.

This sort of consumer engagement, using social media and viral videos, has helped hundreds of companies take their consumer base and ROI to the next level. Whether your goal as a business is to increase brand awareness, build brand loyalty or just to increase sales, going viral with creative promotions is key during the social media expansion.

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