Want to Video Chat Your Facebook Friends? The Skype and Facebook Merger Continues…

7 Mar

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management Skype and Facebook have been working on a partnership for quite some time now. Skype 5.0, launched in October 2010, allows its users to call, text, or chat their Facebook friends. Skypers are able to get in contact with any of their Facebook friends through their personal newsfeed. This new feature for Skype was big news, but now there is more hype about the Facebook/Skype relationship due to talk about a video chat feature for Facebook.

Back in November 2010, a Facebook app developer came across some interesting HTML code in the backend of the site. A code in the back of an application, named VideoChat, contained some links back to Skype. These discovered properties would allow Skype and Facebook users to videoconference with each other.

So now it’s March and I still haven’t video chatted anyone on Facebook yet. What’s going on with the Skype and Facebook relationship at the moment? Conversation between the powerhouses has picked up again, and rumors of the video chat feature have again been brought to our attention. Facebook acknowledged their previous endeavors with Skype, but refused to make any comment on the progression into video chatting.

But these rumors, articles, and Bloomberg reports have everyone wondering what would happen if Facebook merged with Skype to offer a videoconferencing function.
Google would suffer substantially. Being able to video chat on a platform that has already surpassed Google as the number one site in the U.S. would most likely decrease the amount of users on Google Talk. Google Talk originally only allowed its users to speak via chat and voice, but integrated videoconferencing in later development.

If and when Facebook and Skype finalize their video chat plans, Facebook would without a doubt exceed Google’s communication platforms. The merger would just be another step in Facebook taking over the Internet.

Image Source: The Washington Post

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