How to Use Twitter for Business

4 Apr

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management So you think you know everything that Twitter can do based on how you use it personally? Sure it’s fun to get involved in trending topics and retweet what celebrities are saying, but do you ever wonder what Twitter can do from a business standpoint? The most common functionalities of Twitter are often overlooked as marketing tools, but luckily, we are willing to share some of our social media knowledge with you.

Hashtags and Searches
Every tweet that you create has the potential to gain an additional follower for your business. Because of the search capabilities that Twitter and outside platforms such as HootSuite or TweetDeck have, your tweets can be found by anyone. Using hashtags in your posts allow Twitter users to discover what you’re saying easily. For example, PMC creates a tweet for this blog post and then includes #socialmedia #marketing. Even though the tweet will pertain to using Twitter for business, including additional key words will enable people to find your company profile and get a better understanding of what you typically tweet about. Users who are searching for a particular product or service will more than likely start following your brand if you create industry related tweets often enough.

Link Sharing
Twitter is the best social network for posting links to. Because it is considered a micro blog, it is important to create a catchy headline for any link that you are trying to share with others. If you can get a click-through by using 140 characters (including the link itself) then you are already successful with this practice.

But a big misconception about Twitter is that you will increase traffic to your website if all you do is post your site’s specific link. While using Twitter to drive traffic elsewhere is an extremely smart marketing practice, you must realize that only posting the same link over and over again will make your tweets look impartial and spam-like. The best way to drive traffic to your business is first by engaging your followers through interesting content that does not pertain specifically to you, and then randomly promoting your own company. For example, if you tweet 4 times a day, make two of them interesting articles, one some sort of question people can respond to, and one that will drive followers to your website. Moral here: not every tweet should be about you.

Network with Other Industry Professionals – B2B Marketing
Twitter, like any other social network, should not only be used for building relationships with consumers. There are many other companies, bloggers, and profressionals using the platform that you can work with in order to build a fanbase and enhance your Twitter reputation. It is important not to be shy; if you see an article that your company can relate to, retweet it or reply to the tweet. This not only shows that you are properly using the network, but that you do enough research within your industry and care about staying on top of your social media initiatives. It also helps to get your business recognized by other professionals within your industry. Once you become social enough to start tweeting other users, I can almost guarantee they will start mentioning your business in their tweets. This kind of B2B interaction will allow their followers to notice your brand, which results in more fans for you!

These are only 3 marketing measures that should be practiced when using Twitter for your business. If you are interested in learning more about what this platform can do for you, feel free to contact PMC today!


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