Convofy: A Must Have for Businesses

15 Apr

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management Convofy offers a new, never-seen-before, collaboration experience. We have reinvented the simple comment.
Annotate & collaborate on images, files, text & the whole web with people you work with.

Now people can literally see what you are talking about.
Use chat or comments to attach context and send out more meaningful messages to your team.

Let’s face it, if you work in a company that employs over 10 people, the office can get a bit hectic. Whether you are working on a multi-million dollar project, or just wanting to update your address in the yellow pages, communication can sometimes break down and nothing gets done. A partial attribute to this, let’s call it lack of focus, may very well be the availability of social media. It is natural to become friends with coworkers and talk about weekend plans or even ideas for happy hour, but when it hinders business performance, it can also harm your career.

Convofy simplifies the complex “office life” on a day to day basis. Imagine a platform where you can chat up your friends, get work done, make edits and revisions, as well as increase your performance while sitting in front of your desk sipping on a large cup of hazelnut coffee with 2 scoops of sugar and a splash of milk. Well your fantasy is now a reality.

It may seem very similar to Facebook, and it is. Facebook success has prompted many companies to mimic the layout due to its user friendly and easily accessible platform. Now that is more opinion than fact, but you would agree, right?

Now I could sit and write several pages about Convofy, but reading isn’t nearly as fun or productive as signing up and using it. Side note: If you are looking for a promotion, this may be a way to entice your boss to think twice about promoting the 5’4” blonde assistant he just hired who gets him coffee and a bagel each morning in a mini-skirt.

In no ways am I a master at using Convofy, (to be completely honest we just recently signed up for its services), but I have been following the progression of the platform for some time. It seems they are also integrating a LinkedIn type of platform where people searching for jobs can also get in contact with people outside their networks.
This platform is increasingly effective for companies that have over 100+ employees. You have the ability to create groups or teams if need be. If you have several departments that work separately, they have the ability to create a group so their day to day interactions on this platform do not interfere with other people within the “cloud.”
Here is a list of some Convofy features:
-Microblogging & Status Updates
-Sharing Files & Images with Unlimited Storage
-Sharing Blogs, Articles, Web Links
-Unlimited Storage
-Unlimited Users

That is to list a few, where the actual list is close to twice the size. The benefits of this private social network for companies and businesses outweigh the negatives, if there are any. Make sure you head over to their website – Convofy – today. Sign up and reap the benefits of this platform today!

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