Social Media Spotlight: Axiom Technology Group

20 Apr

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management For this week’s Social Media Spotlight, we are proud to present you with Axiom Technology Group, an IT and Networking solutions-service Company. Often times, a gap between business and using technology properly are formed, causing downtime, inefficiencies and a lack of communication. Axiom Technology Group aims to “bridge the communication gap” to ensure their clients have the tools necessary to maximize their efficiency and revenue. Their expertise and passion helps to provide their clients with superior solutions to any of their needs, in a wide range of industry verticals. We had the pleasure to speak with Maurizio Bertone, Project Manager over at Axiom Technology Group. We were curious as to how social media might help a company in the Networking industry, so we asked Maurizio a few questions.

What social media platforms do you currently use?

M: We currently use Facebook & Twitter

Why are you using social media? To be a part of the trend or for the value it provides to your business?

M: We use it to advertise how technology is being used in Today’s world and how quickly it’s changing,
Customers are always looking for better way to run their business but don’t know how. It also lets them
know how Axiom is doing as a company and what products we offer as well.

Which social media platform works best for your business?

M: I would have to say Facebook, a lot more people are registered and much easier to follow

How has social media impacted your business in terms of marketing and sales?

M: It has, it’s much easier to get your product offerings out to the world then with some of the more traditional methods

Do you have any advice for companies who are on the fence about social media?

M: I would say to take the dive and start to use it; it won’t go away anytime soon so you might as well learn how to make it work with your business.

Is there any social media strategy that you would like to improve or do differently?

M: I would like to start to update Twitter & Facebook at least a few times a week and start to promote our services

Axiom Technology Group is having much success with their social media campaigns, and only see their ROI to rise over the coming years. As a leader in the IT service industry, Axiom has a solid grasp on the benefits of social media, and we look forward to follow their progress. To find out more information about Axiom Technology Group, visit their website!

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