Social Media Spotlight: Send the Trend

27 Apr

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management The Social Media Spotlight is pleased to introduce a company that should be recognized by all fashionable consumers: Send the Trend. Send the Trend is a monthly membership accessories service created by Christian Siriano, Mariah Chase and Divya Gugnani. Once you have become a member, you will receive a customized accessory gallery based on a personal style survey. Once a month, you have the option to purchase new accessories for your collection. Send the Trend is in on trend whether you’re in need of some new sunglasses, an amazing scarf, earrings, bracelets, a statement necklace, rings, bangles or all the above. Kaitlin, the Social Media Manager, gave us some useful insight on how Send the Trend uses social sites to build and promote this e-commerce business.

What social media platforms do you currently use?

K: Numerous. We utilize the usual suspects like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Youtube, but we also leverage sites like Polyvore, Kaboodle, Chictopia and Svpply to promote our products and interact with the direct fashion population.

Why are you using social media? To be a part of the trend or for the value it provides to your business?

K: Send the Trend is a social entity. We love learning what our customer likes and in turn enjoy giving back to them via our comments, contests, giveaways and general interaction. It’s a small part of the trend, yes, but it’s so valuable to get to know your customer, their likes and dislikes, whether they have kids or are single, love bling or hate boho-chic. It helps us to choose items we love but also that our customers love.

Which social media platform works best for your business?

K: This is a hard question to answer, because all the platforms work together to help drive sales, promote our site and crowd source. Facebook has been a great way to put a name to a face (hence Facebook, I assume) and learn our customers true feelings because they definitely don’t hold back! The Internet holds a source of anonymity, but when you want to be heard, you can be and we love that.

How has social media impacted your business in terms of marketing and sales?

K: Our customers are able to see what we have available based on links via social media platforms. When we run out of a product, occasionally we have demands for more and that allows us to reflect on whether or not to encore a piece of jewelry or a scarf. Our Facebook fans can shop on our fan page’s Shop Now tab; they don’t have to log out or take a survey. Facebook and Twitter especially have been great tools for Customer Service: we’re able to quickly and efficiently help our customer directly without having to email or call. And when everyone sees how to contact us, they’ll learn to start calling Support or emailing their questions rather that posting them on social platforms. Definitely the greatest way to increase sales and customer happiness!

Do you have any advice for companies who are on the fence about social media?

K: Test the waters by creating a Twitter. A twitter feed can help you understand your customer, but also help brand your business. You can do one way street tweets where you promote your product/small business, make sure you add a #, tweet to others and start a conversation. It’s the internet version of chatting up someone at a coffee shop or Barnes and Noble. Once you have that in place, you can branch out.

Is there any social media strategy that you would like to improve or do differently?

K: Social media is an ever-changing creature. The most difficult part is just staying ahead of the game; it’s knowing your field and staying ahead of the game that encourages a businesses evolution. We wouldn’t change that for the world!

Send the Trend is certainly implementing a strategic social media presence. By using Facebook to drive sales and with Twitter helping to converse with their customers, they have covered all aspects of what social media can do for a business. Kaitlin also brought up an important point; social media should be used as a way to learn your customers’ wants and needs. Send the Trend understands how significant it is to give their consumers a voice, which is vital when using social media for your company.

We would like to give Send the Trend a big thank you for providing our readers with such valuable information. For fun fashion tips, accessories, and trends, be sure to check out the Send the Trend blog!

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