Social Media Helps Broadcast the Royal Wedding to Millions

29 Apr

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management If you aren’t aware by now that Prince William and Kate Middleton got married earlier today, they did in fact tie the knot. Those lucky
enough to be present at the wedding across the pond in London, had maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a children’s fairy tale play out in reality. For the rest of us, we had ample amounts of press coverage to experience this tale vicariously through the newlyweds. The advances in technology as well as social networking sites have provided the Royal Family with enough platforms to follow the wedding no matter where on the planet you reside.

Like any major event that takes place, media coverage from news
networks around the world broadcast  it live as much as possible to
gain a steady viewer base. CBS News, Fox News, ABC News and BBC, along with just about every other major news network, began coverage early in the morning EST, while some stations are still covering it live. But is traditional media coverage enough for today’s busy and constantly on-the-move society? No. Which is why on any social media site you log on to, there are links and advertisements on where to watch the Royal Wedding live on the Internet.

Whether your poison is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, a website or blogs, you are able to watch the sacred ceremony on all of them. ITN, a London based news network, has provided a live feed for their fans to watch the wedding live from Facebook. Their Facebook page is a great place to watch the ceremony and interact with others watching or even leave comments on their wall.If you prefer YouTube, head over to The Royal Channel. Since the wedding has already been aired live, they are streaming a rebroadcast of the ceremony for those who may have missed it and would still like to experience it. It may not be the same as seeing it live, but hey now, you still get to see it…

For those savvy with Tumblr and prefer it as their social media network, the Royal Wedding Tumblr gives you updates, videos and pictures. The only negative aspect of their Tumblr is that there was no live feed to have watched the wedding. However, they do provide a more than detailed listing for the Time and on what channel the wedding will be broadcasted. I extend a sincere thank you to Cynopsis Media for supplying the list, and you can check it out here Royal Wedding Channel Guide.

For many of you out there that are keeping up to date with worldwide events, Twitter is a perfect tool  for staying updated. A constant live stream of comments and updates keeps us well informed. Twitter, incapable of streaming live video, offers a more personableperspective on the Royal Wedding.  Names such as Anderson Cooper,Piers Morgan, Richard Quest, Kiran Chetry and Cat Deeley will offer apersonal account of the wedding, as well as live updates from CNN on@royalweddingCNN, BBC on @bbcroyalwedding and the Today Show on@royalwedding. The official hashtag for the wedding is #rw2011.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and if you live by this saying, you can always check out the British Monarchy’s Flickr page, where hundreds of photos are being uploaded for the public to see. There is also a Flickr page for those who want to get a different perspective from the people who are attending the wedding. The People’s Royal Wedding Album is a compilation of photos taken by people in the audience, so that we can see the wedding from all angles. This may be the only royal wedding we see in our lifetime, and as you can see, there is not a lack of media coverage. Whether you like to believe it or not, social media has played a large role in gaining interest and viewers from around the world by giving the accessibility to live feeds on numerous websites globally. Traditional television clearly takes 1st place on the amount of views recorded worldwide, but I am very curious to see that number compared to the views from the social media sites. The Royal Wedding was a delight to watch, and we look forward to seeing how social media covers other big news stories in the future.

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