How Social Media Celebrates Osama bin Laden’s Death

2 May

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management Ever since the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death late Sunday night, people worldwide have been celebrating. After Navy SEALS raided Osama’s compound in Pakistan and shot him, news stories and coverage have been spreading quickly. Traditional methods of media coverage were put into motion automatically, but the social media scene exploded too. It’s very typical that big news stories, such as the Royal Wedding, get a lot of attention throughout social media networks, but let’s see how much buzz Osama’s death created.

Once the death of bin Laden was broadcasted to the public, Twitter erupted. It is still up for debate whether this social network actually “broke” the story of the terrorist’s death. Regardless, Twitter’s instant accessibility spread the news globally in very short notice. Twitter users were already well-aware of what had happened in Pakistan, and were discussing the situation well before Obama made his speech at 11:30 PM Eastern Time. During Obama’s speech, 4000 tweets were being produced per second, which made this microblogging site a vital source in staying updated throughout the night.

Besides Twitter and Facebook feeds becoming saturated with Osama bin Laden related information, a specific Facebook fan page become very popular. Within 2 hours of the news surfacing, the page Osama bin Laden is DEAD, accumulated over 150,000 likes. Growing stronger with over 350,000 likes today, the page has become a hub for Facebook members to gather and share news and opinions on this historical event. Although this page was created earlier than last night as a way to make a statement about a government conspiracy, the page has gained more attention now than ever. The explanation in the information section stating, “Osama bin Laden has not been found and will never be found because he is already dead,” has been overlooked. The page has now taken a different direction for those who simply want to celebrate his death.

In addition to the celebratory actions taking place on the social media powerhouses such as Twitter and Facebook, Foursquare users had their own party. In order to show their joy, people began checking in to a world where Osama bin Laden no longer existed. New check-in sites were created around the globe, and they all pertained to an Osama-free zone. Some of the most popular venues being checked in to were Post Osama bin Laden World and Osama bin Laden is Dead Party. Additionally, there were 558 check-ins at the White House and 112 check-ins at Ground Zero last night.

And of course, YouTube saw a surge of video uploads and searches last night after Osama’s death was announced. The most popular videos that were searched last night included “Osama bin Laden dead,” Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue,” and “God Bless America.” Video uploads began rolling in, and featured many personal reactions to the event that had just taken place, in addition to on-scene celebrations at places such as the World Trade Center and United States Naval and Airforce Academies. Check out a playlist of these original videos here. In addition to these videos getting many views, Bush’s speech from the 2001 terrorist attacks became the number one trending video on Twitter.

Throughout Sunday night, social media played a huge role in allowing people to spread news and express their feelings about the death of Osama. Social networks have enabled users to share information, opinions, videos and photos in real time, which is extremely valuable in times like these. So until the excitement dies down, sign on to a social site and join in on the hype!

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