Social Media Spotlight: SteelVault Data Centers

4 May

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management This week on our Social Media Spotlight, we present SteelVault Data Centers. Launched in August of 2009, SteelVault is an IT Infrastructure Hosting company based out of New York City with Data Centers throughout New England.  Their drive and passion for the IT industry has caused them to seek out venues to differentiate themselves in an industry that is “overly crowded with bland data center marketing and appeal.” We had the opportunity to speak with Timothy Wahba, Co-Founder of Steel Vault, and here is what he had to say.

What social media platforms do you currently use?

T: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Our company has just begun to incorporate social media actively. Ironically, for a tech-oriented company comprised of the social media generation, we are late to enter.

Why are you using social media? To be a part of the trend or for the value it provides to your business?

T: We have learned that the trend perception has no legitimacy.

As SteelVault became more entrenched in the industry, we have become more opinionated on data center services as a whole. Social media is where opinions shine and add value to our business.

This reasoning has more with the perception that our service oriented business of IT infrastructure hosting is being commoditized. Whether the perception is real or not, you have an ability to shape it, and that is appealing to followers and decision makers in the industry. Through social media, you have an a venue to court the community, and strengthen and enhance your company’s brand and exposure.

How do you shine in a homogenous industry? Stand out by shaping your company’s own values, approach and reason. SteelVault Data Centers believes the data center industry is ripe for an unconventional approach.

Through social media, you can point out “old-school “pricing schemes and services that are hurting the data center industry’s image and evolution.  And through social media, you can provide your company a solution, and benefit from the attention.

Which social media platform works best for your business?

T: Because of all the re-posts we have been getting from our supporters, we see our name spread more throughout Twitter than on any other site.

How has social media impacted your business in terms of marketing and sales?

T: Because our service is primarily business to business, we utilize social media to strengthen our position as opinion shapers amongst the industry and not to directly market to consumers. Colocation, disaster recovery and business continuity is just not sexy enough to bombard the consumer with status updates during their time of leisure.

That said, to people within the industry, status updates, messages and blog posts are sexy. Also it is another way to remind the community of SteelVault’s approach without being overwhelming and sales pitchy.

You can see the impact by re-posts, community reception and new followers to your company’s social profile. It is then reflected in SteelVault’s SEO and website views. Our philosophy is simple; increased traffic to our site is increased opportunity.

This is especially true with a geographically based business to business audience such as ours.  For example, our Connecticut data center can review its website analytics and immediately see an increase in attention from the Connecticut data center industry.

Do you have any advice for companies who are on the fence about social media?

T: It’s great for the company!

Take out the financial benefit and just look at how much fun it creates for the company itself. Take a look at Axiom Technologies Group at Their Facebook group is refreshingly personal, it looks like they are having a blast and love what they do. How can a happy company not translate to a happy customer and bottom-line?

Is there any social media strategy that you would like to improve or do differently?

T: We have difficulty keeping up with the many places to publish your blog posts and increase exposure. It is time-consuming and can lead to an irregular and inconsistent strategy. This is where management of social media is crucial.

As you can see, SteelVault Data Centers has a very good understanding of what the social media industry can offer your business. Their approach to the B2B industry is a good fit for the company. Consumers, who may not be interested in their services, may not want to be updated on irrelevant information. Their target market is concise and getting the information to the proper audience is key for the success of their company. No one likes spam and they certainly do not produce it. For more information about SteelVault Data Centers be sure to check out their website.


2 Responses to “Social Media Spotlight: SteelVault Data Centers”

  1. Changing Lifestyles May 4, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    Excellent job. I really enjoyed reading today’s post. Twitter is something that everyone can take advantage of.

    I added an article about how to set up an effective twitter account.

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    • Nicole Introcaso May 4, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

      Thanks for leaving a comment! Twitter is definitely a great tool for business marketing purposes!

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