How To Use Social Media to Build Your Email Contact List

16 May

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management We all know that social media marketing is effective in promoting your products and services, creating a buzz around your brand, and tapping into your consumer market. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all great promotional platforms, but did you ever think of how you could use such sites for purposes outside of the social media world? Learn how you can turn your social media following into valuable email contacts for your company…

Many businesses use email marketing as a way to offer promotions, discounts, and company-related information to their consumers. Some companies may be using contact lists that they paid a lot of money for, while others may have just built their email lists over time. Today, you will learn a modern-day method to increase your contacts, and that is through social media networking.

Does your company have a blog? If so, you have a world of potential sales right at your fingertips! If you update regularly and post intriguing content for your readers, I can bet that you probably have some subscribers. When someone subscribes to your blog, it means they are interested in your writing and/or products and services.  Use your email subscribers to your advantage – add them to your email contact list. If they’ve showed interest in your blog, you can safely assume they will be interested in your company’s special offers.

Want to know an even more efficient way to build your contacts? LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives you the ability to connect with hundreds and hundreds of professionals. Not only is it a great way to create relationships and find potential employers or employees, but it is an excellent tool for B2B marketing. It is also important to note that although LinkedIn is primarily used for B2B practices, B2C marketing can also be applied, seeing that every person on any social network is a consumer of some sort. LinkedIn gives you an option to export your contacts from the site into an outside database. Simply click on your contacts tab, scroll down, and click on export connections. You will be given the option to export your contacts into different files including Outlook, Yahoo!, or vCard. In order to import, LinkedIn supplies you with the instructions for the specific file you will be using. Congratulations! Your business’s contacts have yet again grown!

Although you do not have email information of your followers on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you still have the opportunity of obtaining consumers to add to your contact list. Don’t be scared to ask your social media following if they would like to be added. Tell them to privately message you or send your company an email, providing their contact information. If they want to receive special discounts and learn about new promotions via your email marketing campaign, they will gladly get in touch with you.

The moral of the story here is that social media networking can benefit your company beyond interaction on social sites. Use your connections and acquired relationships in order to help increase consumer involvement and knowledge. Start including your social followers in your email marketing practices. If they are showing interest in you and your company through social media, it can’t hurt to send them promotions and discounts via email!

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