How Non-Profits Can Use Social Media Marketing for Good Causes

24 Jun

Using social media for a good causeUsing the popular social media networks for your personal page or business can be very easy, as well as very different in its application by the user. Personal pages are used to connect and network, business pages are used primarily to connect and promote. One area that has not been very apparent is how non-profit organizations can use and benefit from social sites. Whether the organization is focused on illness and disease, helping animals or to save a historic building, the wide range of non-profit organizations can use the power of social media not only to boost support, but to boost charitable donations for a specific goal. Additionally, both personal and business social profiles can spur creative ideas as to help drive traffic for a non-profit’s cause.

 Setting up an e-commerce Facebook page takes proper planning. It is not uncommon for non-profit organizations to team up for a common cause and promote each other. No matter what cause your organization is working towards, money helps drive towards success. One idea is to team up with a well-known brand. For instance, if you were to get a clothing company to join in for the good of your cause, you can set up an e-commerce tab on your non-profit’s Facebook page. For every item purchased, 90% of the proceeds will go towards to the success of your cause of choice. Now if you are a non-profit organization that is fairly well known throughout the world, you could try teaming up with a not so well- known clothing brand. Not only would your organization be helping to increase the donations it accrues, you would also be helping an up-and-coming brand spread their awareness.An alternate route may be to join forces with another non-profit organization. Creating events can be both a headache and a grand achievement when successful. Countless events for walks and runs to help raise support and awareness on issues from Parkinson’s Disease to Cystic Fibrosis, drive thousands of people out to support these causes. Typically, in today’s world, the larger the event, the more coverage it will get by media of all types. Teaming up with another non-profit would help spread the word of this cause, and potentially drive many more attendees to come out and show their support.

 Non-profit fundraisers can be fun and productive. Think of it like a fair ground. With the proper planning and participation of local venues and companies who would agree to it, you could create a day for the kids while raising money for your cause. It is hard to turn away a non-profit organization, especially if it allows your company to give back to the community. Restaurants, boutiques and even barbers can attend this event, giving away free samples, free haircuts, and have all of the proceeds go to charity. Local artists may even offer to auction off their artwork for the good of the fundraiser.

Braun and Bieber for Social Good Another way non-profits can increase awareness and support is leveraging the tools and connections you already have. Adam Braun, founder of Pencils of Promise, has teamed up with Justin Bieber for a common interest common interest. Now whether you are retired or just graduating 5th grade, the name Justin Bieber rings a bell. Having the ability to team up with a pop star such as Bieber to help raise awareness and support will mean only one thing; your goals will be reached, if not surpassed.

Facebook Resource Center for non-profit organizationsIf you are still having trouble getting your push toward social good off the ground, Facebook has launched a Resource Center to help non-profits spread awareness. To find out more, visit the Facebook Nonprofit Resource Center today.

 The social world can be overwhelming if you are not up to date on how it’s used and how to properly leverage each site to your advantage. Progressive Media Concepts understands how difficult a new social medium can be to understand, and is willing to work will all non-profit organizations to help better not only your experience with social media, but also with the success of your goals. If you would like Progressive Media Concepts to help your non-profit organization, contact us here.


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