10 Ways for Businesses to Become Social on Twitter

11 Jul

Progressive Media Concepts, social media marketing, outsource, social media managementDo you currently have a Twitter page for your business? How are you using it for your social media marketing strategy? Do you just post random tweets with links to your company’s website and think that’s all you need to do in order to drive traffic and get followers? Hopefully, that is not the case. When you are using social media for business purposes, it is extremely important to realize the type of communication channel you are marketing your product or service through. You must be interactive with your fans and followers, aka be SOCIAL. Here are the top ten ways to make your business more social on the Twitter platform.

1.    Thank your followers who retweet your posts. It is important to monitor reactions to your posts on Twitter to get a better understanding of what your followers want to read and like to share. When you see that someone has retweeted you, say thank you! By doing this, you are acknowledging their interaction with your brand and leading them in the direction to retweet you again!

2.    Leave room for your retweets. Did you just check all of your retweets on Twitter after the first tip and realize that you don’t have any? Your problem may be that you aren’t leaving enough room for your followers to retweet your posts. It’s hard to keep 140 chracters shorter than they should be, but by leaving more space, you will be opening up the opportunity for your tweets to reach many more consumers.

3.    Ask questions. Twitter is not just about posting links, videos or photos, but about having a social experience! Whenever you feel like being interactive with your followers, ask them a question. Depending on the type of personality you would like to give to your company, it can be an industry-related question base on personal preferences, or a simple “How was your weekend, friends?”

4.    Use the search function. Do you want to start conversations with consumers or other relevant businesses that are interested in your products or services? Start searching Twitter for keywords that are related to your tweets. There are tons of users out there who are tweeting about the same things you are, so don’t hesitate to start following them, share their tweets, or even mention them in your next post.

5.    Use hashtags. You will not be the only person searching keywords on Twitter! When you see a tweet such as: PMConcepts: Facebook to release something “awesome” this week. Anyone have any guesses on what it could be? http://ow.ly/5uh1H #socialmedia, those who are searching for social media will be able to find you. Although social media was not part of the main message, the hashtag allowed it to be a topic included in the tweet!

6.    Don’t be scared of Follow Fridays. Every Friday, do you notice many of your followers including the hashtag #FF? That stands for Follow Friday, and it is when users select their favorite friends, brands, celebrities, etc., on Twitter as suggestions for their own followers to start following. If you are included in a Follow Friday post, be sure to retweet it, or thank your fan for including your business. Then look into the other profiles included in the Follow Friday, and see if they are relevant for your company to follow.

7.    Reply to your mentions. Every now and then, a consumer may use Twitter to ask your company a question or reply to a certain article you posted. Do not overlook these tweets. If someone reaches out to you on Twitter, make sure that you acknowledge or answer his or her needs! This will not only make you more credible in the Twitter world, but will show that you are willing to communicate with brand enthusiasts through this channel.

8.    Follow back your followers. Some companies believe that if they are following more people on Twitter than they have following them, they look bad. This is just a pretentious way to look at a communication channel. Make sure that you follow your consumers, brand advocates, and even competitors on Twitter. If someone follows you, follow him or her back! It shows that you appreciate their interest in your company. Just make sure you don’t follow back users that are linked to spamming!

9.    Include the big brands in your tweets. Say you have found an interesting article that was posted by a well-known company, that you would like to share with your followers. Do you figure that since you are a smaller company you should not mention the big brand name in your tweet? This is the wrong idea. If you are taking an article, let’s say from the New York Times, include their Twitter name in your post. Sometimes enough mentions of a big name brand will eventually lead to them following you!

10.  Mix up your content. All of your followers are different, meaning some like articles, some like blogs, and some like discount offers. That’s why it is important to not be monotonous in your tweets. Always bring new and exciting information for your fans to interact with. Spice up bland articles by including cliffhangers in your posts to get more click-throughs and more retweets. The more interesting you make the content, the more likely your followers will share it!

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