How to Plan a Solid Social Media Campaign in Just a Few Minutes

15 Jul

Goals for Social MediaOkay, so the title was a little fabrication to grab your attention. It worked, just like how a properly designed social media campaign should entice your consumer to engage with your brand. Although there is no easy way to design a social media marketing campaign, we will cover some of the steps needed to be taken when considering what you will need for such an initiative. Planning a campaign takes time, patience and a true understanding of where you want to take your brand.

The first step towards designing a social media plan of attack is understanding your target market. Since your company is already up and running, your target market should already be established. If for some reason a target market has not been decided, it is best that you do that now. Right now. Pause reading this, and come back after you have targeted a demographic.

Now that you have a target market set, your next step is to decide where your consumers are on the Internet.

  • What sites are they using to interact?
  • What are the more popular social media sites?
  • What type of information will we supply (video, pictures, audio)?

Creating social profiles is simple, but creating too many may stretch your marketing department thin by managing several sites at once. Decide which sites will best work for your company’s needs.

  • Facebook – Video post, picture post, engagement, content post, education, interaction
  • Twitter – Picture post, engagement, content post, education, interaction (in under 140 characters)
  • Youtube – Video post
  • LinkedIn – More B2B engagement, form professional connections
  • Blog Sites – Supply information to your consumer about products, events, updates, industry related articles

Choose Social NetworksYou may use one or you may use 5. Depending on your company and where your consumers are interacting will ultimately decide which sites you will end up signing up on. Remember, social media is a 2 way street. You will be supplying information to your consumer, and in return, you hope to gain feedback on your brand. This will also help you tweak your social media campaign by getting feedback on what the consumer likes and dislikes.

The next step is one of the biggest factors to ponder:  your short and long terms goals for a social media campaign.

Short Term: Depending on what type of company you are and which industry you reside in, your short- term goals will alter accordingly. I can’t sit here and explain what your short term goals should and shouldn’t be, because that is your company. What I can tell you is make them realistic. Planning on increasing sales 300% over a single quarter can be done, but realistically, do you have the time and resources to do that effectively? Probably not, so keep it within reason.

Long Term: These goals are crucial in the longevity of your campaign. Sometimes short term goals are not met within your allotted time, so these long term goals can help keep you on pace and in line with what you expect to gain from your social media campaign. Again, keep this within perspective of your brand’s expected results. Trying to reach 15 million Facebook followers for a startup company may be a bit outside the realm of rational thought. But hey, who am I to knock your goals. If you think this is a reasonable goal, then by all means shoot for the stars.

Social media is designed to help, not hurt brand awareness. By doing this, sales should increase, chatter and buzz about your company should increase, and your overall outlook on the success in both your company and social media should increase as well. If you need assistance getting your social media campaign off the ground and live on the Internet, contact Progressive Media Concepts today.


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