How to Reward Your Social Media Fans

1 Aug

social media marketing, social media managementSocial media marketing is a two way street. With some companies still trying to understand exactly what kind of content they should create for their fans, rewarding them sometimes gets overlooked. We understand that one of your main goals might be to get as many Likes or followers as you can, but how good is having a fan that feels unnoticed or unappreciated? It is important to make sure that you give back to your supporters, and not just receive their affection towards your brand.

If you are an adamant reader of our blog, you should know that giveaways, coupons, discounts and responding to all of your fans comments and questions are all extremely important. But these strategies are becoming ordinary in terms of how fans are being rewarded. It’s time to step up your reward game and think outside of the box.

For example, more and more companies are starting to highlight different Facebook fans. Try implementing a “Facebook fan of the week” strategy. Ask your fans a question, or have them send in a picture of them with your product. Then randomly select or choose your favorite response. Feature this fan on your Facebook page for a day, week, month; whatever you feel comfortable with.

You can take this type of social media reward a step further if you have a company YouTube channel. Ask your fans to create a video about your products, choose a winner, and then feature that video. Make sure you give them credit; you can even suggest for your fans to subscribe to their personal channel. Whatever you choose to do, the end result is your fan feeling appreciated and you will see them continue to influence other consumers about your brand.

Virgin America recently took their social media rewards strategy a step further by using the Klout scores of Twitter fans. Klout is a service that tracks the influence of Twitter users. A person’s Klout score increases depending on how many followers they have, their number of tweets retweeted, number of mentions, etc. Users who have a Klout profile will be able to see what kind of influencer they are, who they are influencing, and what topics they are influential about.

Virgin America found a fan, with a Klout score of 42, who was a big influencer about their product.  Because this woman was an influencer in the Toronto area, where Virgin America is beginning to launch flights from, they offered her a free round trip to California. She was invited to tweet about the product, whether she liked it or not, but this was not an attempt to “buy tweets.” This was a recognition and reward strategy that received a lot of attention. Good job, Virgin America! To read the full letter to the fan and see her Klout score summary, check out this Mashable article.

These are just some ways you can reward your fans and followers. Feel free to leave any other suggestions below on unique reward campaigns from businesses. And if you happened to create a Klout account, share your scores with us!

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