Are You a Social Media Expert?

22 Aug

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The answer is no. No one is a social media expert, and you shouldn’t believe an agency or person if that is what they claim to be. This statement may seem controversial, as it is coming from a social media marketing and management business owner, but it is the truth. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that my partner and I are experts because we’re not. We are extremely good at what we do and are very knowledgeable about how social media marketing works in a business sense, but to call ourselves experts is a straight out lie. And if you think you’re an expert, you are lying too.

Social media is constantly changing. Therefore, it is not a communication channel that a person can ever fully understand. New social sites, like Google+, pop up every other week. How can you be an expert in something that is new to everyone?

Of course with practice, study, and knowledge of trends, people can claim to be experts in any field. There is so much change and “unknown” in social media though, that it is not possible for one to be an expert. There is always something new to learn and to adapt to, whether it is a change in Facebook fan pages or a new plugin for your blog. It is fair to say that you are skilled in social media if you have a deep understanding of how it works and how a business should be using it, but I believe it is false advertising to claim the utmost status of expertise in the field.

Here are some ways you can spot a fake social media expert if you are looking to hire an agency for your business:

1. They claim to be one.

2. Look at their social media sites first. Do they post the same exact content to their Facebook, Twitter and blogs? In other words, does their Facebook page look exactly like their Twitter feed? If so, these are not experts, they are just Internet spammers who will make your company look like spam too.

3. If a company gives you an option of posting unlimited material across 10+ social media sites for a package price, be cautious. You want to have a targted social media marketing strategy on sites that your target market will be on. You also want to have content created that is unique and engaging. Think about how much effort could be put into a social media strategy of unlimited postings and randomly selected social media sites.

4. Check the prices. Quality is always reflected by the price tag. If an agency is doing all of your social media work for under $100 a month, something is severely wrong. Social media marketing takes time, research and strategy. A low price is not getting you that. Additionally, make sure that the prices are not too high. “Experts” may try to use their name to their advantage, when you can hire a much more liable and honest company to do your work at a lower cost.

5. Read their company blog. Does it show that they have a good knowledge of social media marketing? Do you feel a sense of trust and understanding after reading their posts? If so, they are most likely skilled in social media management, and you should consider hiring. A blog is a way for social media companies, like PMC, to share information with their readers so that they can learn some marketing techniques on their own. Additionally, it is a great way to prove their social media knowledge.

It may seem hard to come across honest businesses that aren’t going to take advantage of you these days, but believe me, we’re out there! Please feel free to leave your comments, questions or concerns below, and contact us if you would like to hear more about PMC’s rates and social media marketing strategies.

4 Responses to “Are You a Social Media Expert?”

  1. Alan Berkson (@berkson0) August 22, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    I really like #2 — a perspective I haven’t seen before. In a space (social media marketing) that is so new and not well understood, it’s important to understand what represents a successful social media marketing campaign. In fact, one good question for potential vendors? How will I judge the success of your campaign and how will that align with my business goals?


    • Nicole Introcaso August 22, 2011 at 2:12 pm #

      Thanks, Alan. It’s important to have a specific strategy for the different platforms within your social media campaign – they can’t all have the same exact content. Business goals and strategies should work hand in hand throughout the entire campaign, and that is an excellent question to ask before signing on with any social media agency. Another great question is how will you (the agency) be managing consumer engagement and feedback. Just providing content on social networks is not the key to success, interaction is.

  2. Carol October 22, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    Excellent points!

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