How To Reach Mommy Bloggers

9 Sep

Mommy Blog For BusinessUsing a blog as a part of your social media campaign is a great way to supply important news, information and advice to your target market. Blogs, unlike other social networks, give you the ability to have a greater reach within an online community because there are no character restraints. There is no limit on your press releases and articles about new products.

Depending on which industry you are in, “Mommy Bloggers” may be a dime a dozen, or a scarce commodity everyone is fighting to network with. To fully grasp the value of a mommy blogger, you must understand that a mommy blogger is an influential person, most notably, a mother, who has great life experiences. Their topics can have a broad range or they can discuss a niche market, but all in all, mommy bloggers are widely followed, loved, and most importantly, trusted. These blogs can discuss products, reviews of a product, their opinions, companies, and services. Any topic that fits into their overall message can and will be discussed.

So how do mommy bloggers fit into your online marketing campaign?

Aside from an increase in traffic, having a mommy blogger review your product or company can greatly increase your prospect list. If someone you trust recommends, or has a great review on a product or company, chances are you will check it out with a positive mindset, rather than a negative one.

Some quick facts:

  • 55% of active (daily) social media moms said they made their purchase because of a recommendation from a personal review blog. (NPD Group, Inc. via Technorati)
  • 60% of Mom bloggers say they blog about brands they love or hate, compared to only 50% of the general blogging population. (Technorati)

So how do I reach out to a mommy blogger?

The biggest and probably most important aspect to networking with a mommy blogger is your pitch. Let’s face it, you’re most likely not the first person, brand, company or community to reach out to this blogger, so your pitch has to be unique. What mommy blogs hate are broad, general pitches that do not give much insight or detail into the reason you are reaching out to them. Be specific. If you want them to post your link on their blog, explain why you want this, and how they will benefit from it. If you want them to review your product, send them a personalized gift basket with the product for them to test, without any cost.  The mommy blogger you are reaching out to has to see value in connecting and networking with your brand.  So bottom line on your pitch: show value, offer a product or service they can use and you think would love, and be genuine.

Where can I find mommy blogs?

ONLINE! Mommy bloggers are very active with social media. It is very easy to Google some of the various mommy bloggers who have gained recognition and fame from their blog, some of which may be difficult to network with, but is a great starting place. Follow their different networks and interact with them. Post engaging content. The more your mommy blogger responds and interacts with your posts, the more she will notice who you are, and when she receives your pitch, she will receive it with an open mind. Twitter and Facebook are great for connecting with a mommy blog, as they are always interacting with their following. Community and group pages, even other blog sites, are also great ways to interact with bloggers. Or you can try a social network that many mommy bloggers use, CafeMom. Who knows, you may even connect with an unlikely mommy blogger you met in your attempt to network with another.

There are a ton of websites mommy bloggers frequent the most, two that stuck out were:


parent hacks

We hope that this article will help you with your approach to mommy bloggers, as they can be a vital relationship in spreading brand awareness and driving traffic to your brand’s social sites and website.

For the record, these are my thoughts and opinions, as I am not a mommy blogger myself. If you are a blogger and feel some of this information is incorrect, or would like to elaborate on a certain point, feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

2 Responses to “How To Reach Mommy Bloggers”

  1. LKnerl (@LKnerl) September 12, 2011 at 12:38 am #

    Have you tried Twitter? Most mommy bloggers have some form of the words “mom” “blogger” or “social media” in their profiles. You’ll get lots of leads this way!

    • William Rill September 12, 2011 at 9:24 am #

      Thanks for commenting with your advice! Twitter is a great platform to search for many different demographics, and I’m sure it is saturated with Mommy Bloggers. Stop by again!

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