YouTube Does it Right With Launch of New Video Editing Features

16 Sep

Yes, you read it correctly. I am pointing out that YouTube has done something right, yet again. We know that many other sites implement new features that may not please their users, or a feature that has been glorified as the next best thing since sliced bread, only for it to flop during the release and eventually be taken off the site. So what has YouTube done exactly? Well what else, made sharing video content on its social platform even better with new added features.

As YouTube reigns supreme within its industry, it is no surprise that they would implement an update that will not only please the avid, regular users, but even spice things up for the occasional users as well. YouTube has released tools that allow you to edit your video right there in your browser.

Until now, you may have been forced to download a pirated video editing software or purchase a program in order to fully edit your videos in attempt to make them go viral. Yes, you have hundreds of tweaks and effects at your disposal, but what about the user who just wants to spice it up a little? What about the business owner who can’t get the correct lighting for the video? Well, without spending hundreds of dollars on the pro-line of video editing software, you can adjust these settings from YouTube itself.

At first glance you may not be impressed with this update in features, and I don’t blame you. It doesn’t seem like a huge jump for those who are digitally savvy. But for anyone who isn’t 100% satisfied with their uploaded video, YouTube now has given them the ability to make a few edits. View the walk through for an overview of the new features available:

This new update may not allow for exceptional editing capabilities, but it will allow its users for quick tweaks that may make the viewing of their uploaded content more enjoyable for others. A great advantage of this feature is that businesses and brands can also use this new utility to make corrections in their captured content. Don’t have a tripod for your video camera and the person holding it has had too much coffee? One of the great new features allows you to stabilize the content to have a much smoother view.

This is the first rollout of YouTube and video editing software within the platform, and we look forward to seeing what additional updates YouTube may add to this great feature. Will YouTube soon allow its users to fully edit uploaded content like a pro from their platform? Will they charge its users a fee? Tell us in the comments what you think may come of this new feature…


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