How Social Shopping is Evolving on Facebook

30 Sep

Social Shopping

Via Mashable

Ecommerce is and will always be around. How we can evolve ecommerce to make it more enjoyable for the shopper is what will revolutionize the way we shop. It was of no surprise that one of Facebook’s uncountable number of updates involved allowing brands to make their business page an ecommerce site through the use of applications. Facebook is a revolution within itself, with every update trying to one-up the bar for themselves. So now that Facebook has combined your ability to max out credit cards with your ability to gossip to several different people at once, what is next for the ecommerce realm?

After the F8 conference last week, many updates were revealed, with one being how Facebook plans to take social shopping to the next level. We all know about the “Like” button and how to properly use it. What Facebook wants to do, is extend the Like button to offer more of a precise emotion. What we can plan to see is a “Want” and “Own” button. When someone Likes a picture, whether it be of a watch or shirt, it doesn’t fully express what the user may have intended. The person may own the watch, so instead of just liking this picture, the new update would allow them to express that. The newsfeed would then read: John Doe owns a Rolex. If you go to your favorite brand’s Facebook page and browse through their fall collection, you might click on the “want” button for a shirt you hope to get.

Take it one step further and combine your “Want” list for an upcoming birthday. If you have clicked “Want” on a dozen items, you have essentially created a “wish list” of sorts that friends can use to buy your birthday gifts. The new Timeline page that Facebook has released will allow friends to see this wish list in order as you create it. I suspect the Timeline feature will be used for much more than meets the eye.

This all seems great for the consumer; making shopping more social as if you went to the mall with a friend, without ever leaving your chair. But how do these updates impact businesses and brands that use Facebook?

First, the more interactions your brand gets, the more exposure throughout Facebook you will receive. Because of this new live ticker feed, every action a person does on Facebook becomes instantly viewable by their friends. If someone “Wants” your product, a countless number of their friends will be able to view that in real time and see what interests them. Not only that, but the ability to create a wish list can give you an accurate gauge of people who may want a product yet be unable to afford it. This could prompt a sale on that particular product, increasing the likelihood that those who “Want” the product will actually buy it. These new social ecommerce updates will also allow brands to accurately gauge how their fans and followers interact with them. If it works properly, you can get a good idea of how many of your fans or followers own your product, want your product, or just like and support your brand.

It seems as though this is the beginning to an ecommerce movement on Facebook, as it has made shopping more appealing to the masses. We no longer have to leave our Facebook friends to purchase a product. We can do it all from one place, and eventually, invite our friends to help us shop and browse through a catalog. We look forward to seeing what else Facebook implements to make breaking the bank more accessible and easy…

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