How to Get Your Brand Ready for Social Media Marketing

7 Oct

Gearing up for social media.

Social media has become a main stream way for companies and brands alike to connect with their following. Going further than just engaging their consumer, brands now have several more outlets to market and promote their product and service. What some brands are having trouble with is how to properly get started with social media.

I am particularly aiming this blog towards the small to medium sized businesses. Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Snickers, and any other name brand company have the funds at their disposal to do whatever they like; they can create a campaign, then completely overhaul it 5 times over if they please. I am dedicating this post to the companies that are up and coming, who are looking to jump on the social media bandwagon and would like to hit the ground running. There is still a large population of companies and businesses that have not yet adopted social media. So how do you get your company geared up for a social media strategy?

First, understand that social media campaign success does not happen overnight. It can take days, if not weeks of proper preparation, designing a solid social marketing plan, as well as deciding when, where and how many posts will be created. Think of your social media marketing plan and objective list as a mini business plan. Take costs into account as well, as this will help you stay within your marketing budget, granted you have created one.

Second, you must conduct a lot of research. Finding out what your competitor is doing and what keywords are searched by consumers within your industry is vital to success. I am NOT saying copy your competitor. But if their social media strategy is working, it can help influence your own idea and creation. The keyword research will greatly improve both SEO and search engine generated traffic to your sites. These keywords can be used throughout your social networks as well as website and will help your target consumer to find you more easily by typing in a certain word or phrase.

Third, and this one is very important, is to gather a group of employees with creative minds, who know the product or service. You may be the business owner, but it may take your staff to help you properly visualize and brainstorm possible campaign options. Knowing the product or service will help isolate key selling points and how to engage the consumer more. Use this team to gather insight and ideas on what could work and create objectives or goals you hope to complete using social media. These goals will help keep your social media strategy on point and on schedule.

We all know the saying “it takes money to make money.” This is true, if you plan on outsourcing your social media efforts. The problem with internally housing your social media initiatives comes the essence of time. Do you have enough employees to allocate to monitoring and creating social media content?

Let’s take a step backwards for a second. Yes, I said allocate an employee to social media. Understand Mr. Business Owner, that social media marketing is a full-time job in itself. To have a successful campaign, you must stay on top of updates, changes, and tweaks across all of the platforms you use. Most of these updates will happen without warning, and constantly monitoring not only your social media networks, but social media news websites, will help identify what changes were made and how to ensure it does not drastically affect your campaign. Having an employee spend 2 hours per day dealing with social media is great, if that’s all that can be done. But I hope you do not expect your campaign ROI to double your yearly revenue…

Listen, we love to hear that companies have adopted social media in-house. It means they understand the benefits of it. What we don’t enjoy hearing is how little attention is paid to those social sites. To properly implement a social media strategy within your business or brand, it must be monitored full- time to ensure no loose ends and that there is consistency. If you don’t have the manpower to have someone full-time on your company’s social media sites, look into outsourcing. Companies like Progressive Media Concepts consider company budgets, objectives, and take into account your short and long term goals as a business. We work with our clients to create a custom tailored social media strategy to fit your needs. What else can we do? Help devise an effective marketing plan. If you already have one, we can critique it and let you know what does or doesn’t work. If you have any questions regarding social media, do not hesitate to contact Progressive Media Concepts today.

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