The Profile of the Social Consumer and How to Interact With Them

17 Oct

social media marketing, social media management, progressive media conceptsLet’s face it; social media has changed the way businesses have to interact with their customers. What used to be a one-way, company-centric selling process has become a customer-driven procedure. Social media has revolutionized the way consumers go about buying their products and services. If your business doesn’t understand the new-age purchasing behavior of your consumers, you are sure to be left in the dust.

So who is the social consumer? They are active online and learn about information and breaking news through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Is your business offering a new product? A social consumer will find out about it on your company blog, Facebook page or any other social site you may be using.

Social consumers have learned how to avoid the messages sent through traditional advertising, and are searching for a deeper connection with the brands they love. Instead of one-way advertisements, you’ll get farther striking up a conversation with a social consumer. If they ask you a question, they expect a response: one that is quick and handles their needs. If your company is not on Facebook, you are no friend of theirs. Additionally, they see through unwanted promotions and deals while they search for relevant information.

What percentage of Americans could be considered social consumers? Let’s look at some fascinating statistics.

  • 81% of Americans go online to find purchase recommendations.
  • 60% of consumers regularly interact with a brand on social media networks.
  • 55% read user reviews.
  • 43% search for ratings on web sites.
  • 41% of Americans believe that companies should use social media sites to offer help to their customers.

How can your company attract these types of consumers to your brand? First, start using social media effectively and keep your consumers in mind when planning a strategy. claims, “Rushing into social computing initiatives without clearly defined benefits for both the company and the customer will be the biggest cause of failure.”

Second, you must understand which kind of content social consumers will interact with. 77% of customers look for incentives when engaging with brands over social networks, therefore, coupons and free offers are great ideas. Other content marketing strategies should include customer feedback, entertainment (videos, photos, etc.), access to industry-related information, widgets, apps and polls.

What are some other kinds of content that you believe social consumers would appreciate? What kinds of content are you already creating for your social media marketing campaign? We would love to know, so leave a comment below!

Yes, I rhymed.

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