Social Media Spotlight: Shoreline Painting Contractors

19 Oct

Shoreline Painting ContractorsFor today’s Social Media Spotlight, we are proud to introduce a company that prides itself on its work. Shoreline Painting Contractors is a full-service, year-round residential and commercial painting business comprised of professionals known for their attention to detail. Whether you have a small job or large job, Shoreline Painting can get it done. Shoreline Painting services lower Fairfield County, Westchester County and New York City. We had the pleasure of speaking with the Director of Sales at Shoreline Painting, Chris Polidoro, about their social media campaign. Here is what Chris had to say:

What social media platforms do you currently use?

C: We currently use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We also have live pages on Manta, Yelp, etc.

What value, if any, does social media provide to your business?

C: We at Shoreline have received great value from all of our social media sites; we are able to mainstream live photos and videos of work in progress and finished work! It keeps our customers and potential customers updated on what is going on with our daily operations.

Which social media platform works best for your business?

C: Facebook seems to work best for our business, with YouTube coming in as a close second. We are using Twitter more now, as it seems to be picking up more for business-to-business and commercial jobs.

How has social media impacted your business in terms of ROI and sales?

C: Social media has definitely impacted sales and the overall customer experience.  We offer specials on all social media networks, which seem to get the most drawbacks and produce estimates, which in turn has boosted our gross sales.

Do you have any advice for companies who are on the fence about social media?

C: We feel that in this day and age, there is no reason to be on the fence! If you want to grow your business with minimal cost, social media is the most effective way to produce results powerfully.  The main idea is to keep whatever social media you are using updated on a daily/weekly basis.

Is there any social media strategy that you would like to improve or do differently?

C: Yes! We have implemented daily updates into our office manager’s position and job description.  We do not want to lose a day where we are not posting and producing powerful results on all of our social media sites!

It is great to see how the contracting industry is getting involved in social media. Businesses like Shoreline Painting can create great exposure, not only by connecting with current and potential clients, but also by showcasing their work to anyone who visits their sites. It was a pleasure speaking with Chris about their social media campaign, and we look forward to seeing their business grow via social media networks. To find out more about Shoreline Painting and where they service, visit their website here.

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