Our Team

William Rill, co-owner, has obtained valuable skills in marketing and sales as well as market research and analysis over the years working in the financial industry. Rill’s main focus, aside from increasing clients’ return on investment, was prospective investor acquisition and retention. Rill’s comprehensive understanding of trend analysis will play a crucial role in assisting PMC’s clients adapt to the changing markets. Rill’s vision for PMC is to become an industry leader in innovative Internet market solutions.

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Nicole Introcaso, co-owner, is a Northeastern University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. Her past professional work experience with project management and social media development will play a large role when creating an Internet presence for PMC’s clientele. Introcaso envisions expanding the consumer base and increasing sales for each of PMC’s clients through thorough industry research and extensive marketing campaigns. By focusing on the individual wants, needs and goals of each prospect, Introcaso foresees successful, long-term relationships with all clients.

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