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The World Media Awards

23 Sep

The World Media AwardsWe are proud to support and announce that on February 25th, 2012, the first ever World Media Awards will be held in San Fransisco, CA. We have spoken with Murray Newlands, co-founder of the event, and we agreed to have Murray guest post on our blog! Not only is it an honor to have Murray be a part of our blog, it is also great that you, our readers, will be able to find our more about this event! Enjoy!

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How To Reach Mommy Bloggers

9 Sep

Mommy Blog For BusinessUsing a blog as a part of your social media campaign is a great way to supply important news, information and advice to your target market. Blogs, unlike other social networks, give you the ability to have a greater reach within an online community because there are no character restraints. There is no limit on your press releases and articles about new products. Continue reading…

Why You Should Be Blogging

26 Jan

At PMC, we deal with blogs of all shapes, sizes, and topics on a daily basis. Some are very reputable, while some are just getting off the ground. That being said, there is room on the Internet for any breed of writer to put out a blog that deserves to be read. Some may ask, however, “Why should I be blogging?” The answer, as it turns out, is fairly multifaceted. We will lay out the reasons here.

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Location. Location. Location. Facebook Real-Estate.

21 Jan

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management
If you are looking to buy a new piece of property, we all know the value of that real-estate increases depending on the location. Whether it’s waterfront, lakefront, beachfront, by a train station or in the middle of nowhere North Dakota, value is dependent on location. So how can we use location as a benefactor when it comes to online marketing?

Facebook has the answer…
…Geo-targeted updates. What we mean by this is Facebook now allows its users to geographically target an audience by language and country down to a specific city. This may not seem very beneficial to small business owners or up and coming artists who have not established a large following, yet in the broad spectrum of marketing, this is a very valuable tool. I could write about the steps needed to be taken to target a specific audience, but where is the fun in that? You should hire PMC to manage these campaigns for you.

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The Interactivity of Social Media Marketing

19 Jan

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management In a world where Internet is king, questions continue to arise regarding the advantages of using social media as a marketing tool. The view of many is that social media remains a novel idea, with little potential to reach a substantial consumer audience. The overwhelming truth is, however, that social media’s application as a marketing tool for small and large businesses alike is growing nearly exponentially. Companies continue to adopt social media as one of their main marketing tools, and are seeing some incredible results. The advantage of social media in this case is, its innate interactivity.

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4 YouTube Sensations That Did It Right

12 Jan

It’s hard to imagine that the wildly popular video sharing website YouTube.com only recently celebrated its fifth birthday. YouTube has transformed from an intriguing novelty to an entertainment and marketing powerhouse, boasting around 2 billion views per day and about 24 hours of video content uploaded every minute… that’s right… every minute. Businesses, corporations, and celebrities alike collect and maintain much attention from YouTube’s vast and varied ranks of users, making it a Mecca for anyone attempting to gain some sort of attention. Having attempted starting and maintaining a YouTube channel with dreams of turning it into something popular and entertaining, I am living proof that not every YouTube dream is realized. In my opinion, there are truly four YouTube superstars that did things right, and have attained viral start-status by way of their creativity and ingenuity.

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The Beauty of Blogging

27 Dec

The Beauty of BloggingWhile creating and building Progressive Media Concepts’ blog sites, our team came across the differences, unique functions, and importance of WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. First off, each blog offers a variety of themes that are designed for use on their specific site. As a blogger, you have the option to choose from an array of free templates, or pay a one-time fee for a theme that is not as widely used in Blogland. The themes provided by WordPress and Tumblr are formatted in such a way that there is little room for layout customization. Blogger has a smaller selection of themes, but allows its users to rearrange and add page elements. You are capable of placing gadgets anywhere you want with Blogger, which helps to de-clutter the page and give it a more symmetrical look.

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