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A Social Media Easter Egg Hunt

22 Apr

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management We can all agree that the best part of Easter is going on the Easter egg hunts for hidden treasures or candy. Usually your competitors are your siblings, and or cousins, who are just as eager to get cavities as you are. But what happens when the competition goes from just a few people to thousands of people? The fashion label DKNY has embarked on just that – a scavenger hunt for eggs that enlists thousands of people as participants. Based out of their London and New York City locations, DKNY is using Twitter to send clues to their fan base on the whereabouts of chocolate goodies and other treats.

Clue number 8: “I’m a kitten but I don’t purr.”

Clue number 8 led a participant into the London store where a chocolate bunny rabbit was resting on a pair of black kitten heels. Continue reading…


Creative Social Media Contests That Generate Viral Buzz

25 Feb

Creating a way to stir up buzz about your company and/or product these days seems to be a relatively easy task. Whether it’s to start controversy during major sporting events, like a Sleepy’s mattress commercial did, or to create consumer interaction to make one of the funniest Doritos commercials of the year, each and every idea is different. So what have companies been doing to increase their viral presence within their consumer base?

Skittles, for starters, has long since surpassed expectations on a well thought out viral campaign. MOB The Rainbow, their social media campaign, has engaged millions of Skittles fans worldwide. This campaign alone nearly quadrupled their Facebook fan base to over 15 million people. These campaigns are primarily a collaboration of all Skittles fans to achieve a common goal. The video below is an actual MOB event that created some serious viral buzz for the Skittles’ brand back in early 2010.
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