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Location. Location. Location. Facebook Real-Estate.

21 Jan

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management
If you are looking to buy a new piece of property, we all know the value of that real-estate increases depending on the location. Whether it’s waterfront, lakefront, beachfront, by a train station or in the middle of nowhere North Dakota, value is dependent on location. So how can we use location as a benefactor when it comes to online marketing?

Facebook has the answer…
…Geo-targeted updates. What we mean by this is Facebook now allows its users to geographically target an audience by language and country down to a specific city. This may not seem very beneficial to small business owners or up and coming artists who have not established a large following, yet in the broad spectrum of marketing, this is a very valuable tool. I could write about the steps needed to be taken to target a specific audience, but where is the fun in that? You should hire PMC to manage these campaigns for you.

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