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Labor Day Special: Why You Need Social Media for Holiday Sales

5 Sep

progressive media concepts, social media marketing, social media managementHappy Labor Day everyone! We hope you are enjoying your Monday off. Labor Day, like all other federal holidays, is a very important day for marketers worldwide. Why, you ask? Because this is a day where online sales skyrocket and shopping centers are packed. Customers are out and about, and they’re looking for sales. With so many stores, sites and sales to choose from, how are they going to find out about yours? That’s where social media comes in.

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Social Media Spotlight: Imagine That Entertainment

17 Aug

Progressive Media Concepts, social media marketing, social media managementFor today’s Social Media Spotlight, we are happy to introduce a company by the name of Imagine That Entertainment. Imagine That is a hip hop group of 2 rappers/producers and owners of a recording studio based in Westchester, NY. They currently have two albums available on iTunes in addition to 33 tracks you can download separately. You can usually find them performing in different venues around New York City. We were able to speak to Michael Valiantis, an owner of Imagine That Entertainment, to see how they use social media marketing to promote the music. Here’s what he had to say…

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How to Reward Your Social Media Fans

1 Aug

social media marketing, social media managementSocial media marketing is a two way street. With some companies still trying to understand exactly what kind of content they should create for their fans, rewarding them sometimes gets overlooked. We understand that one of your main goals might be to get as many Likes or followers as you can, but how good is having a fan that feels unnoticed or unappreciated? It is important to make sure that you give back to your supporters, and not just receive their affection towards your brand.

If you are an adamant reader of our blog, you should know that giveaways, coupons, discounts and responding to all of your fans comments and questions are all extremely important. But these strategies are becoming ordinary in terms of how fans are being rewarded. It’s time to step up your reward game and think outside of the box.

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