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How Social Media Has Changed the Super Bowl

7 Feb

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management What usually comes to mind when one thinks of the Super Bowl? Football, beer, wings and, of course, the commercials. TV advertisements have been the traditional method for companies to make a statement during one of the biggest sporting events of the year. But in recent times, the social media revolution has drastically changed the way big businesses, and even the halftime performers, are getting their messages out there.

Some companies, such as Skechers, used social media prior to the launch of their advertising campaigns to increase hype around their commercials. The Skechers Facebook fanpage has been promoting Kim Kardashian’s shape-up ad for almost a month. By providing their fans with sneak peaks and extra footage, they tried to create more traffic and engagement with their consumers leading up to the Super Bowl. To keep fans coming back, they have continued to post about Kardashian after 100 million viewers got to see what the hype was about during the Super Bowl.

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