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How to Use StumbleUpon for Business

8 Aug

progressive media concepts, social media marketing, social media managementStumbleUpon is a great site for finding random, interesting websites, connecting with people who have the same interests as you, and bookmarking. But this site also holds many benefits for businesses that have a social media presence. Do you have a company blog or a website that you want to see an increase in traffic to? Is your content interesting enough for people to bookmark as a favorite? Then Stumble it!

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The Facebook Conspiracy. Is it Plausible?

1 Apr

This topic has actually caught the eye of a very established news team over at The Onion Network. They cover this conspiracy with great detail.

Ok, we all know this isn’t real, but what if it were?

Facebook, possibly the most powerful brand in the world, may be bigger than we have thought. Skyrocketing to over 550 million users and an annual income boasting over $2 billion, Facebook has made its mark in today’s society. What if there is more to this social media networking site? Is it possible that our willingness to divulge personal information with friends and family has sparked a new age for obtaining information for government agencies? Is the government creating a hybrid between the Privacy Act and Patriot Act or just taking advantage of our need to be social? Either way, whether you love or hate Facebook, you use it at least twice a week. It has formed a sort of dependency with its users. Let’s discuss some reasons Facebook could be an effective tool for gathering data.
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Want to Video Chat Your Facebook Friends? The Skype and Facebook Merger Continues…

7 Mar

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management Skype and Facebook have been working on a partnership for quite some time now. Skype 5.0, launched in October 2010, allows its users to call, text, or chat their Facebook friends. Skypers are able to get in contact with any of their Facebook friends through their personal newsfeed. This new feature for Skype was big news, but now there is more hype about the Facebook/Skype relationship due to talk about a video chat feature for Facebook.

Back in November 2010, a Facebook app developer came across some interesting HTML code in the backend of the site. A code in the back of an application, named VideoChat, contained some links back to Skype. These discovered properties would allow Skype and Facebook users to videoconference with each other.

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