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How Social Shopping is Evolving on Facebook

30 Sep
Social Shopping

Via Mashable

Ecommerce is and will always be around. How we can evolve ecommerce to make it more enjoyable for the shopper is what will revolutionize the way we shop. It was of no surprise that one of Facebook’s uncountable number of updates involved allowing brands to make their business page an ecommerce site through the use of applications. Facebook is a revolution within itself, with every update trying to one-up the bar for themselves. So now that Facebook has combined your ability to max out credit cards with your ability to gossip to several different people at once, what is next for the ecommerce realm? Continue reading…


Facebook Email and the New Message System

21 Mar

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management Facebook has made many upgrades within the past few months, including the new Like Button and the integration of iFrames, but something even bigger is brewing in your inbox. Facebook has revamped their messages function, which combines texts, chat, and email all together into one conversation.

Now when you click into your inbox, you will find all of your new and sent messages, emails sent to your new Facebook address, old chats with friends, and texts that were sent to you as messages. Each new function allows users to communicate in many different ways, yet sends them all to their Facebook inbox. Want to learn how to use all of these new features? Let’s take a look at each one.

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The New Facebook Like Button and a Look at Its History

28 Feb

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management Over the past few years, Facebook users have witnessed the evolution of the Like button. Recently, Facebook has announced that the Like button will be taking over the Share function of wall posts and fan pages. In the near future, whenever we like a link on Facebook, a post will be created on our personal walls. The post will include a brief summary of what we have liked, including a picture and a headline. The Share button takeover is being implemented in order to drive more traffic to outside websites. The only question remaining is will this effect how often people like something they see in their newsfeed. Currently, liking something is pretty much private to all of your friends, but soon liking a link will be made much more public.

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