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Augmented Reality, Social Media, and Businesses. Is This the Future?

26 Aug

Augmented Reality Social MediaIt seems to be a tricky question, doesn’t it? Social media so far has surpassed most of our expectations when we think back in time. AOL was a platform above the rest allowing instant communications over something called the Internet. Now that we have wireless networks and smartphones to run around the world with, it almost seems as though not even the sky is the limit…

So where can social media go? As we have already seen, social media is becoming more and more mobile. Tablets and smartphones are the next big innovation to mobilize the socially savvy. The social web of networking and keeping in touch with people constantly, from any location, is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Why wouldn’t we want to be even more social while on the move?

Social media is becoming more and more of a marketing and advertising tool for businesses. Company deals and promotions can now be accessed and viewed by anyone at any time, in comparison to coupon cutting and yellow page listings. Location based social networking, seems to me, as the future in social media networking for businesses. What do I mean? Continue reading…