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Traditional Advertising vs. Social Media Marketing: Which do Consumers Trust More?

25 Jul

social media marketing, social media managementDo you think that social media is a phase? Well, it may very well be, but regardless of how social media progresses in the future, there is no doubt that it has changed consumer behavior. Before social media came to be, consumers were listening to messages from the company itself. Whether it is a print, television, or radio advertisement, the only person educating about the product is the business. Now with the social media revolution, companies are not the only ones raving about their product. Consumers are speaking too, and they aren’t scared to tell the truth.

How many times have you purchased something from TV because you saw a commercial and thought a product looked awesome? When you used the product, did it work as well as you perceived it would? What I’m trying to get at here is, were you a victim to the Slap Chop?

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Social Media Spotlight: Handsome + Humble

20 Jul

For this week’s Social Media Spotlight we are proud to introduce Handsome + Humble , a luxury line of soap and hygiene products made exclusively for men. The story in which inspired Handsome + Humble to come to fruition is both inspiring and humbling. Two young gentlemen set out on a mission to deliver an all-natural skincare line for men to the marketplace. Their goal is to educate men worldwide about the importance of knowing which ingredients are in the products that they use on a day to day basis. “We want you to feel comfortable about turning that bottle or box around and actually being able to pronounce and understand what is it that is being soaked into your skin.” We had the pleasure of sitting down with co-founder John Paul about Handsome + Humble and their plans for social media.
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