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Social Media Spotlight: Get-A-Game

26 Oct

social media marketing, social media management, progressive media conceptsThis Wednesday, we are happy to inform our readers on how app developers can build awareness for their new product by using social media marketing.  Get-A-Game is a free app that connects people looking for pickup games and sport play. Whether it’s basketball in Brooklyn, soccer in Salem, or wiffle ball in White Plains, the mobile app gives you all the tools you need to live an active lifestyle. We had the pleasure of speaking with Dan Tashman about the new app, and here’s what he had to say…

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Social Media Spotlight: Floppingout.com

22 Jun

It’s Wednesday and on today’s Social Media Spotlight we bring you a humorous Sports News blog site Floppingout.com. Flopping Out has steadily been increasing their loyal fan following using blog tactics loved by all, comedy. Reading a plain and informative article can often times induce drowsiness, but when reading an article with a comical spin to the facts presented, you are intrigued to continue reading. Integrating not only YouTube and other well-known social sites, FloppingOut.com has also incorporated a live talk radio for their fans to hear the news. We had the pleasure to speak with Nick Spano, co-owner of Floppingout.com, about their social media initiatives, and here is what he had to say:

What social media platforms do you currently use?

N: Twitter and Facebook. There is nothing better than directly interacting with friends, family, and people who are fans and followers of your line of work. Not to mention, you can even get in touch with the President on Twitter. No joke, he is following me.

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