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When Social Media Leads to Social Experiments: FarmVille In Reality

6 May

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management Chances are good that at some point you have dabbled with the Internet game sensation, FarmVille. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want a chance to run their own farm, upgrade and own property, even if it’s virtual. FarmVille, one of the most played Facebook games to date, has caught the attention of some, let’s call them, extremely open minded farmers. Although this experiment is daring and the success of the project could fail, it is still a very innovative approach to any task.

My Farm Experiment is located on the Wimpole Estate, an actual farm located in the UK. Owned by the National Trust, a British charity, they are opening the doors to somewhere around 10,000 people to help the farm manager Richard Morris run the farm. Now, this may seem better than the game FarmVille, and it very well might be, but it comes at a cost. £30, which is about $49 is all it takes to become a virtual farmer. Continue reading…

Social Media Spotlight: Axiom Technology Group

20 Apr

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management For this week’s Social Media Spotlight, we are proud to present you with Axiom Technology Group, an IT and Networking solutions-service Company. Often times, a gap between business and using technology properly are formed, causing downtime, inefficiencies and a lack of communication. Axiom Technology Group aims to “bridge the communication gap” to ensure their clients have the tools necessary to maximize their efficiency and revenue. Their expertise and passion helps to provide their clients with superior solutions to any of their needs, in a wide range of industry verticals. We had the pleasure to speak with Maurizio Bertone, Project Manager over at Axiom Technology Group. We were curious as to how social media might help a company in the Networking industry, so we asked Maurizio a few questions. Continue reading…

Social Media Enables Social Isolation

4 Mar

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management
Before you read this, ask yourself this, “Do you find yourself using social media an hour or more per day to interact with peers?”

You may suffer from social isolation.

Today’s society has been bombarded with social media platforms and apps to further isolate the individuality of a person. The days of grabbing coffee and having simple conversations are ancient history. Why waste time traveling to have a conversation that we can easily have sitting in the comfort of our homes, wearing PJs and snacking on junk food?
Continue reading…