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Twitter Update Leaked

19 Aug

Twitter Updates ActivityIn the world of social media, updates are a common occurrence. I mean, how can anything stay relevant and popular if it is stagnant in development and design? People today are attracted to what is popular; it’s what some would call the “Jones Effect.” Every heard of the Jones’s? Another way it is said is, “keeping up with the Jones’s.” If your neighbor down the street just bought a new car, you will think about buying one yourself, or even go out and do it. If you see your neighbor just put in a pool, chances are, you may wish you had one yourself, or even sign the contract to have one put in. The Jones Effect is, in other words, keeping up with the tide, staying relevant and modern without being left in the past. I know, a bit of a rant that may seem off topic, but look at social media today. Every social network is constantly updating its features, either mimicking already working functions or creating new and exciting features for their users. They are keeping up with the Jones’s.

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