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Using Facebook to Help Students

6 Apr

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management

If you haven’t heard of Facebook by now, there is a good chance you do not own a computer and live on a farm. Facebook is the fastest and largest growing social network of its era, climbing upwards of 600 million users worldwide in a mere 7 years. These days multi-tasking is a lifestyle, and Facebook inevitably became one of those tasks. School work has been placed on the backburner of society, simmering amongst the youth as they feel being socially interactive and “popular” will benefit their future. One problem teachers may be having is disconnecting students from this addictive site as much as possible to do work assigned for home. Kids will use social media one way or another, whether on their computer or computer-like mobile phones, so why not utilize this dependency for a greater educational well-being?
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What Would You Do If Facebook Shut Down Tomorrow?

16 Feb

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management What if Facebook, arguably the world’s most influential Internet powerhouse, were to be shut down at noon tomorrow? Can you imagine what would happen if you no longer had access to your Facebook friends, photos, messages, or Facebook chat? What would over 500 million users do instead of spending a mind-blowing 700 billion monthly minutes on the social networking king? The end of Facebook fever would be very difficult for many people (including myself) to handle, which really says a lot about what Facebook has done to our society. I imagine that the withdrawal symptoms in this instance would be a lot like losing your cell phone; for the first day it drives you crazy, as if you can’t live without it. However, as time goes by, you get accustomed to the peace and quiet that comes with the lack of constant connectivity. So what would happen? In all respects, it can be assumed that the repercussions of a Facebook shut down would make the Egyptian riots of 2011 look like a day at the carnival.

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