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Engage and Advertise Through Online Quizzes on Social Media Platforms

14 Mar

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management How Well do You Know Your Social Media?

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Let’s get back on track now.

Online quizzes and surveys have become a popular form of entertainment or self-identity within the social media world. It is not rare to see which one of the Sex and the City or Jersey Shore characters your friends are most like on your Facebook newsfeed. These types of quizzes engage Facebook users who want to find results based on their personality.

Pangea Media is the company behind all of the Internet quizzes and polls that you can find on Facebook and MySpace. But it also offers something different for businesses – the creation of branded quizzes in forms of advertisements.

Think about your typical banner ad… it usually prompts you to click through by offering some sort of deal or discount. But recent studies have found that when an online quiz is integrated into banner ads, the click through rate is much higher. An ad that allows you to define which type of product would be good for you through a quiz would be more successful than an ad telling you about a specific product that may not be what you’re looking for. Adverquizzes give a new light to ordinary banner ads on the web.

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