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The Social Media Effect

5 Aug

Social Media EffectOnce upon a time, the only way to show support for anything was by showing up to an event and showing it in person. Nowadays you can do it in fewer than 140 characters, and in as little as 20 seconds. This isn’t to say that people don’t show up to events, because they do. The only difference is, in today’s society, more people are showing support for causes and events because of their ability to do it from home. Aside from people being lazy or stuck at work, often times the events take place far from where they reside. For instance, when Japan was hit by a Tsunami, people from all continents were showing support on Facebook and Twitter hoping for the best. Yeah, it might be just words, but when the world can unite to show support for a country hit by a huge disaster it makes you wonder, why did we have 2 World Wars?
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4 Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

27 May

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management Facebook is becoming more and more useful for businesses. What Facebook lacks in terms of free marketing is the ability to advertise to a broad audience, like traditional advertising. The difference is Facebook allows you to market to your target audience, or rather your consumer directly. The power of Facebook marketing takes place in the form of Likes. The more Likes a company or business page has, the more people or impressions that advertisement will reach. So what is the key to successfully marketing your product or service on Facebook? That’s correct – increasing the Likes your page has. Having trouble doing this effectively is very common.

Promotion/Giveaway – The easiest way to increase your Facebook Likes is engaging the consumer on a level they understand and appreciate – free stuff. If all it takes is a click of a mouse to enter a chance to win free products, then why not? Even discounts will entice the everyday consumer to like your company. If you are giving away a 20% off coupon by printing out tab on you Facebook page, you will see people actively Liking your page, as well as engaging with your business on your Facebook wall. Continue reading…

The New Facebook Like Button and a Look at Its History

28 Feb

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management Over the past few years, Facebook users have witnessed the evolution of the Like button. Recently, Facebook has announced that the Like button will be taking over the Share function of wall posts and fan pages. In the near future, whenever we like a link on Facebook, a post will be created on our personal walls. The post will include a brief summary of what we have liked, including a picture and a headline. The Share button takeover is being implemented in order to drive more traffic to outside websites. The only question remaining is will this effect how often people like something they see in their newsfeed. Currently, liking something is pretty much private to all of your friends, but soon liking a link will be made much more public.

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Social Media Dating, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management Valentine’s Day may have just gotten a little more interesting for those single people out there, thanks to Facebook. Today, a new dating site, Like Me Date Me, was launched. Using Facebook’s open graph layout, the site enables its users to search potential love interests. Once you find someone who grabs your attention, you can let that person know by “liking” them.

Members must login to Like Me Date Me with their Facebook information. Once they have done that, a list of matches is created for that user based on details from their personal Facebook profile. Matches can be created based on location, interests, likes, and age. Once a Like Me Date Me user is presented with their prospective lovers, they may choose to “Like” them or “Next” them. If two users decide to “Like” each other, this opens the door for a private conversation.

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