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Customer Service: Make a Video

4 Nov

Customer ServiceSince the dawn of time, customer service has always needed improvement. If you’re not on hold, you’re busy being transferred from person to person or listening to automated recordings. When the age of the Internet came about, you were probably staring at a Frequently Asked Questions page. When the FAQ was no help, you had to resort to email, phone or a manual search for someone with a similar issue. The problem is, no matter which way you choose to seek help, you are either stuck listening to someone try to explain a solution or get drowsy reading an article about troubleshooting.  In either case, there is an easy solution for both the company and the customer: video content.

There is always going to be a common problem with every product. Sometimes the problem extends to the instruction manual not being comprehensive enough, causing a large percentage of customers to have trouble getting the product to function initially. Sometimes it may be a simple jam or a hidden switch not in the “on” position. Whatever the case may be, videos can offer not only great help, but they can alleviate a company from receiving an overwhelming amount of customer inquiries.
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Social Media Battle of the Sexes: Part 2

2 Feb

Progressive Media Concepts - Social Media Marketing and Management As Nicole mentioned in Part 1 of our Social Media Battle of the Sexes, men and women are using social media in drastically different ways. Women are talkers, and use social media to gather and share information, advice, and news. For women, social media can often a personal tool, while also gaining information about new products and services. Men treat social media in an entirely different (and slightly more arrogant) way.

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